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DS220B DTF Black powder

June 17, 2022
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DTF is digital transfer printing, which use hot melt adhesive powder to digital printer and powder shaking machines, and to transfer different color and logo to cotton T-shirt, which is color bright, and good washing resistance, it is very popular now.
It is white color powder, size similar as salt.
First, design the picture you want on computer
Second, use the digital printer printed on the PET coated transfer film, then shake the powder to the top of the printed picture
Third, Drying the powder of the picture,operating temperature is 120-160℃ and time is 20-60s
In the end, transfer the picture to different cloths, the operating temperature is 150-160℃ and time is 6-10s
Conventional size is 80-170μm and 125-250 μm
Conventional package is 20kg or 25kg one bag
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