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pu heat transfer vinyl

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December 29, 2020
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This product is made of environmentally-friendly polyurethane, which is composed of high-temperature-resistant sticky PET release substrate + heat transfer printing ink + hot melt adhesive.It is soft, elastic and does not crack, does not open glue and does not fade in high and low temperature environment, does not fall off in machine washing, easy to tear, easy to cut and easy to discharge. Our conventional thickness is 0.1mm, width is 50cm, length is 50m. Our conventional color is black, white, silver and gold. We also can accord your requirement to do it. If you have any interested, feel free to contact me. Email: ts02@tunsing.com.cn Wechat: 86 181 2626 6193 Whatsapp: 86 181 2626 6193 Web:https://www.hotmelt-adhesivefilm.com/